Mindful Eating Class

Mindful Eating is a new 8-week program designed to support the continued practice of mindfulness in daily life. Since we nourish ourselves with food and beverages several times a day, mindful eating provides a ready pathway for infusing our lives with “the magic of mindfulness”.

Beyond being a very practical application of mindfulness, it can be an especially powerful one as well. Eating is a biological need. To this we add our own personal and cultural histories. For many of us these factors combine to create a relationship to food and our bodies that is complex and sometimes difficult.

As we practice eating with full attention to the experiences of body, mind and emotions in the light of non-judgmental awareness, we can begin to develop a healthier relationship to ourselves, resulting in a natural desire to eat well.

Whether you suffer from a medical condition that requires a restricted diet, struggle with an eating disorder, battle with stress, or simply want to deepen your relationship to yourself and enjoy life more, mindful eating offers a compassionate approach to greater health and happiness through the practice of self-awareness.


NOTE: Prerequisite is completion of one 8-week MBSR course or equivalent. Participants will need to bring their own food/beverages and utensils to class for mindful eating

For questions or more information, please contact Marcy Reynolds by email at  or by phone at (831) 512-9331.

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Address: Park Pavilion, Room O (behind YMCA building)
2400 Grant Road Mountain View, CA 94040 (click here for map)