2017 Multi-Day Mindfulness Retreats with Bob Stahl

Jan 27-29
Mindfulness Retreat
Location: Land Of Medicine Buddha, Soquel, California
Contact: info@mindfulnessprograms.com
April 7-9 
Mindfulness Retreat
Location: Brazil
Contact: contato@movimentomindfulness.com.br
April 20-23
Insight Meditation Retreat
Location: Brazil
Contact: regis@pixgf.com.br or fabianovet@yahoo.com
April 27 – May 2 Insight Meditation Retreat
Location: Sasaima (Bogota), Colombia
Contact: bobstahl@respira.co
June 4 – June 11
Insight Meditation Retreat
Location: Finland
Contact: info@mindfulness.fi
June 13 - 20
Insight Meditation Retreat
Location: Denmark
Contact: retreatbobstahl2017@gmail.com
June 26 – July 3
Insight Meditation Retreat
Location: Belgium
Contact: info@pleine-conscience.be
Aug. 15 - 24
Insight Meditation Retreat
Location:  France
Contact: info@association-mindfulness.org
Aug. 27 – Sept. 3 Insight Meditation Retreat 
Location:  Germany
Contact: Ursula Steimer
Sept. 18 - 24 Insight Retreat: Finding Freedom in the Body
Location: Spirit Rock, No. California
Contact: http://www.spiritrock.org/calendarDetails?EventID=4428
Sept. 29 – Oct. 1 Mindfulness as Medicine Retreat
Location: Multiuniversity in Scotts Valley, California
Contact: https://www.1440.org/program/mindfulness-meditation-medicine/
Oct. 6 - 13

Convergence Insight Meditation Retreat: How the Dhamma Informs All Mindfulness-Based Approaches.
Location:  Omega Institute, Rhinebeck, New York
Sponsor: Center for Mindfulness – UMass Medical School.
Registration: Please click here to register online
Contact: registration@eomega.org

Nov. 17-19

Mindfulness As Medicine Retreat
Location, Vajrapani Institute, Boulder Creek, California
Contact: office@vajrapani.org

Nov. 28 – Dec. 3 Insight Meditation Retreat
Location:  Insight Retreat Center
Contact: https://www.insightretreatcenter.org/retreats/ or
Dec. 15-17 Couples Mindfulness Weekend Retreat
Location: Commonweal Retreat Center, Bolinas, California
Contact: http://www.mindfullivingprograms.com